Sunday, September 30, 2007

We're Home

We realize we haven't written for almost a week and we apologize. Internet access was expensive in Guangzhou and we were exhausted, but now we are home and looking forward to updating you on our last few days in China.

This is a picture of our adoption group in Guangzhou, just two days before we left. It was a truly wonderful group to travel with.

After being personally sworn in at the U.S. Consulate on Friday by our friend, Mark Carlson, who works there, we drove to the airport for the first of our return flights home. Of course our flight was delayed by two hours, so we ended arriving into Beijing at 1 am. The group didn't arrive to the hotel until 2 am and I had the unfortunate luck to leave my diaper bag on the plane. I spent the hours of 1-2:30 am hanging out with a Chinese guard. She and I actually had a nice conversation, but I was pretty spent. Arrived to the hotel by 3:15 and then had to wake up at 6:30 am to leave for our flight to the U.S.

But....we made it home and our girls (I love saying "girls" - just seems so natural to say we have two daughters) were amazing on the flight. Lian slept 7 hours on our 11 hour flight from Beijing to San Francisco and Anna slept during her normal nap times and was happy as could be during the rest of the flight. Dano and I didn't sleep, but at least the girls were somewhat rested.

We were greeted in Seattle by several friends and family, who were such a joyous sight to see. We have been overwhelmed in the past 24 hours by the love of our friends. Susan Selby and Melinda Teeny thoroughly cleaned our home, stocked our fridge, and left us an amazing dinner for our first night home. Melinda also arranged meals by women in our church to feed us for the next two weeks. Julie Gray left us a beautiful basket with letters for Lian and Anna from her children. And then the entire leadership team at our church, who were at a retreat together, left a voicemail for our family welcoming us back. When I received the voicemail, I just started crying in thanksgiving for how supported we feel. Today we attended church and were so warmly welcomed. Our girls are surrounded by so many people who have prayed for them since before they were born, who have shown their love in practical ways, and who honor them with their Godly examples.

Now its readjustment time....its midnight and Lian, Dano and I still can't fall asleep. At least Anna is sleeping peacefully. ...whoops - I spoke too soon. She's crying. Better go. I promise I'll have more pictures up soon.
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RoLo said...

Happy to hear you are home safe & sound. Thank you for sharing this special time with us.