Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Happy Adoption Day

Happy Birthday, Anna Mei!!! At 4 pm this afternoon, we welcomed Anna Mei Jukanovich into our lives and hearts. We feel so blessed and truly overcome with joy. It has been such a whirlwind of a day and we are quite exhausted, but we just settled the girls down to sleep. (For more pictures, click on the picture tab on the left side of our blog. It will take you to our picasa photo gallery.)

Lian is absolutely in love with her sister. She's been such an awesome helper this entire afternoon and evening - wanting to cut up bananas for her, brush her hair, bathe with her - its just been so incredible to see the two of them together. And Dano and I cannot believe we have two children!!!

We've been told that the orphanage had the foster moms bring the children back to the orphanage this past month so that they could transition to our care. Its hard to imagine what must be going on in all of the little girls' minds and hearts. Several times, Anna Mei would just start saying, "Momma" and look towards the door. It was heartbreaking to just think of what she is going through. But on the other hand, she just seems so at home. She has a beautiful smile, she is making lots of sounds and coos, she loves to watch everything that is happening around her, she loves listening to the sound of water, and she has really strong legs and can sit up with much more strength than Lian did. The difference between foster care and institutional care is evident.

Jonathan and Suzanne were such a gift today. So amazing to share this experience with my brother and my best friend. Truly amazing. They're definitely going to need a vacation after this, though :)

OK - need to get some sleep.
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Auntie Jen said...

Oh, my gosh! I can't believe you have two children either - and this is just outstanding and surreal and amazing to anticipate it. I'm SO glad that Lian is having such a wonderful trip!

Susan and Brook said...

Oh the picture of your family of 4 is good. Maybe if I get all my tears out now, I won't cry when we see you at the airport! Praying for you guys - a lot! by the way - can't seem to access the pictures you mention on picassa...but did get to see pictures that Jonathan has on his blog.
love, susan and brook

susan selby said...

picasa photos are up and beautiful! She's a cutie - love the matching pajamas!

looks like a very sweet time - with a very sweet girl.
love susan

RoLo said...