Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Happy Adoption Day

Today was our official adoption day. We had to meet with several government officials and swear before them that we would never harm or abandon Anna Mei. We also had to declare our intentions to raise her. Anna Mei was so patient the entire day.

Uncle Jon has been amazing with both of our girls. He's also our official videographer, which has been such a gift. His shoulders have also gotten a workout giving Lian numerous shoulder rides. I can't believe we get to share this experience together.
Auntie Suzy has spoiled us. She thinks of everything we need before we even have time to think. And Lian has made her play several rounds of Memory, Old Maid, Crazy Eights, and Go Fish. Suzanne's patience is such a blessing.

Anna Mei is officially a Jukanovich!!!! She has the sweetest personality. And she loves watching her big sister. It is so fun to watch. Lian definitely needed some one on one time with mommy today, which was really good. She's done so well, but it's hitting her that she is not the baby of the family anymore.
We were able to call my mom and dad through Skype and Suzanne's webcam. Anna Mei was able to meet her Nanna and Poppa and the sweetest thing is that Anna waved to my mom without any prompting. She hasn't done that before, so it was very special for my mom.

We're all a little tired, but it feels so natural to have our two beautiful girls.
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