Monday, September 17, 2007

We Meet our Daughter in 5 hours!!!

We landed in Nanchang this morning to discover that instead of meeting our baby girl tomorrow, we will meet her today at 4 pm!!! Needless to say we were shocked. I just started crying because it has been my prayer that I would meet my daughter by or before her first birthday. This happened with Lian and since today is our little girl's first birthday (september 18), it will happen with her as well. Can't believe it.

Its more difficult than I thought to blog here because you're not allowed to actually view your blog and the internet connection is slow. So I hope to have some photos up this afternoon from our time in Gaoyou.

We had such a wonderful time in our 36 hours in Gaoyou. I still cannot believe the miracle of Lian's teacher's friends hosting us. They treated us so well. Their van was very spacious. They even treated us to an authentic Gaoyou meal. We anticipated treating them to dinner, but they would have nothing of it. Such hospitality.

Our time at the orphanage was truly special, but way too short. We were met by the Vice-Mayor of Gaoyou, Ni Wencai, along with the orphanage director and two of the office workers. We asked if any of the Ai Yis (Nannies) from Lian's time were still there - one was. Her name was Wang Ping and it was so sweet to see her with Lian. The truly amazing thing is that they told us we could not use a video camera, but our host, Sun, is a professional videographer. He took our camera and just said, "Let me." And they never stopped him. So we have video footage of our entire visit - Lian's bedroom, the playroom, our time with the orphans, in their school room. Such a gift.

There are only 50 children in the orphanage now. There used to be 250. We were able to see some of the infants, but we saw more of the older children. Many had special needs. It is amazing to see the work Half the Sky Foundation has done there. At the end of the day, I asked Lian how she felt being at the orphanage. She said she was happy to see the Ai Yi, but nervous to go into the playroom. The playroom is where she spent a lot of time. My brother was great though and got her playing with stuff and she didn't want to leave.

We were then treated to a formal lunch with everyone and then the Vice-Mayor took us on a personal tour of several historic sites of Gaoyou. There's a lot more to write on this, but due to the fact that we need to get unpacked, shower, etc. before we meet our little girl, I will keep this short.

Will write more soon and will hopefully get more pictures up for everyone.

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