Sunday, September 23, 2007

Becoming Sisters

We spend a lot of time in our hotel room waiting for the government to finish processing Anna Mei's passport, but it has been a good time for bonding. We've also realized how important it is for Lian to have one on one time with each of us, especially with Mommy. However, Daddy is the better game player...and to his credit, he is okay with me publishing the fact that his four year old beat him in chess yesterday. He didn't even see it coming until Lian said, "Checkmate!" Yes, a four year old beat a 36 year old....just a little humbling, but doesn't the winner look so pleased with herself?

Lian is very perceptive and insightful. Today Anna Mei was having a really hard time with her second nap. She just kept crying. Lian looked up at me and said, "She is confused, Mommy."

Me - "About what?"
Lian - "Her parents."
Me - "What should I do?"
Lian - "You should pick her up."

I started singing and then Lian said, again, very gently, "You should sing, "Don't be afraid" to her. So I did and Anna Mei fell asleep. Dano and I both went in and hugged Lian and thanked her for understanding her sister so well and for helping us.

I thought I would type out the words to this simple song so that you can understand the power behind them:

Don't be afraid
My Love is stronger
My love is stronger than your fears
Don't be afraid
My love is stronger
And I have promised
Promised to be always near

We had our first family swim in the lovely green pool of the hotel. Anna Mei just loved it. She didn't cry once. And Lian loved jumping off the wall so that she could "teach" Anna Mei. Anna even put her face in the water and tried to copy how Dano blew bubbles. It was too cute.
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amy said...

What a neat conversation with your daughter..Glad its been a good trip

Matthew Monberg said...

Congratulations to Lian. Tell her I only beat my father once, and I was 8! Smart and compassionate! Thanks for sharing such a sweet story--and that hot photo of Dano in the pool. Always a day maker.

onefairlady said... it all.


Susan Selby said...

I am so enjoying your blogs - Jon and Suzanne's too - they are all wonderful. And seeing you in the pool and touring...reminds me of how Brook and I always said the time in the hospital for 3 days after having our kids was so sweet - to just kind of forget about life "outside" and focus on one thing - the baby. So glad you guys are getting all this time to forget about life and just focus on one thing - your new daughter and new chapter of family. A sweet and pure time. Between your first pictures posted and those today - Anna looks different. She looks like she is fully part of you guys now. Her smiles and her eyes seem to have purpose. Like she knows she's home. And Lian Mei looks radiant, as do you and Dano. Can't wait to see you all! Love you guys, Susan

The Yachats Kid said...

Jen & Dano...
Lynette & I devoured your Blog along with Suzanne's & part of Jon's. What an amazing story and journey. We moved with great emotion and gratitude for you and with you.
Dennis & Lynette

Tom Davis said...

Dano and Jen,

So happy for you both. Anna Mei is just gorgeous!!!! Congrats.