Wednesday, September 19, 2007

This is my fifth attempt at blogging. I've lost the other four due to internet failure. Or so it seems I have. We can't view any blogs over here in China, so if you now have five of the same posts from me, I apologize.

So while I wrote a lot of nice things last time, I'm afraid I am too tired and will just need to summarize.Today was our official adoption day. Anna Mei is now a Jukanovich and we couldn't be more ecstatic. Uncle Jon has been so amazing and is loved so much by his two nieces.Jon has been our official videographer and seems to be better at posting pictures than I, so you can also check out his blog at

Suzy is spoiling us with being at our beck and call. If you want to follow her blog it is

The moment we officially welcomed Anna into our family. Lian was being a little silly.We were able to Skype my mom and dad so they could meet Anna Mei in person. The coolest thing is that Anna waved to them all on our her own accord. She hadn't done that for anyone else, so it was very special.


amy said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! Love all the pics!

Anonymous said...

I am overwhelmed with joy at seeing these pictures. What a precious girl. It will be hard to wait two more weeks to see Anna with you all.
Love Kerry

Susan Selby said...

Love the pictures - keep 'em coming. I'm surprised the Seattle internet isn't down - there are so many people looking at your blog. LOTS of excitement on this side of the world!
By the way - your attempt to blog the other day when you said it took 5 times - only 3 showed up :) And all 3 are great. You could have done it ten times and I would still look at all the pictures. There is nothing like it! They're great!

And Jonathan's blog is wonderful too - he has a gift for commentary with his pictures - it's really enjoyable to read.


Kami Rice said...

Hi to the Jukanovich's! Glad you posted this link on your Facebook status, Jennifer. I'm celebrating from Kampala with all of you! Fun to see all the new family photos. Lian is so grown up since the last time I saw her at the Vine!

Matthew Monberg said...

Hey Dano, Jennifer, and Lian...congratulations! Can't wait to meet Anna in person. Jennifer, I got your card, thank you very much!