Sunday, October 26, 2008

We Made it Home Safely

After traveling for 28 hours straight with no down time in the airports for the girls to run around, we made it safely to Seattle. There is nothing like coming home. Our girls are really great travelers, but 28 hours was definitely their (and ours) limit.

We've been without internet access for several days, but we had such a great time in Kenya with Ann and her family. To go from seeing the poorest of the poor to being treated like royalty by our friends was quite an adjustment, but we are grateful for Ann and Dave's incredible hospitality. Mombasa is a beautiful city, set right on the Indian Ocean. We swam, Dano went scuba diving, Lian and I rode a camel on the beach, and we had three evenings of great one on one time with Ann and Dave where we discussed everything from U.S. politics (everyone we met wants Obama to win), foreign policy, economic development, Kingdom business, miracles, parenthood and marriage. We learned so much from these two...and our kids had a blast playing together.

We returned to Nairobi for only one day in which Ann drove us around the entire city, took us to the Masai market, had lunch with her sister, whose husband is the U.N.'s Director for Communicable Diseases in Africa, visited Good Shepherd church, where our friends, the Nsimbis, grew up, had tea with Ann's entire family, and then took off for our return flight home.

Our farewell tea with Ann's family was truly touching. Her father prayed for us as we went and we just felt we were in the presence of a holy man and woman (her mother). In their retirement, these two devote themselves to preaching around the country in open-air crusades and healing those who are ill. Ann's mother had a miraculous healing 20 years ago and since then God has used her to bring healing to hundreds of people. She said that she believes Africans see miracles because of their commitment to fasting before God. We felt so loved by her family and do hope we will see them again soon. Ann also had a good friend of her's come to the tea because she wanted us to meet. Dollee just left her job working for a granting organization that takes international funds directed for Africa and disperses them to various NGOs. She believes the Lord is calling her to start a foundation that provides money from African-led businesses to serve Africans. She really desires to see Africans move away from dependency on the West so they can take care of their own people. We heard this message often in our travels.

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Brandi said...

What an amazing trip. I do think that is one thing that we ALL felt throughout our time in Uganda as well. .time spent with amazing African saints who love Jesus and are being used by HIM!