Thursday, October 9, 2008

We're off!!!

We're off to Uganda and Kenya...and possibly 24 hours in Rwanda (still TBD)...that's another story for another time. Still hard to believe this is happening. We'll try to post when we have internet access. Another place to check on what we are doing is on the blog -

Lian is so excited. She brought in her atlas to school today to show her classmates where she is going. A mom came up to me and said she was in the classroom when Lian did her presentation and was very impressed. She said Lian even took questions. One of the questions was "What is different in Africa?" Her response was "Children's Hope Chest is there." :)

Anna keeps saying, "Africa? Africa?" While her memory will not recollect this trip at age 2, our prayer is that her heart will remember it.

We'll be in touch!!!

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