Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The hearts of our children

***I've been trying to load pictures, but it took 50 minutes to load the last two and I can't stay up another hour. We'll post them on Picas after we get back.***

After we left the orphan-led household, we all got on the bus in silence. I turned around to ask how Lian was doing and she had her journal out. We hadn't written anything in it except for some fun facts about animals since we'd arrived. She had pulled it out on her own and written the words "Poor Kids." She drew six children who were crying. Dano asked, "Why are they crying?" She said, "Because they're poor. They have no mommy and daddy." They were poor because they had no mommy and daddy - not because they didn't have money, but because they didn't have a mom and dad. I turned towards the window with tears streaming down my face - I thanked the Lord for my daughter's heart and for her perception.

Today we were at Caring Hands ministry that provides work for widows. There was a woman there who has four children with AIDS. The youngest was about 6 months old and was with her. Not even realizing the impact of what she was doing, Anna went up to the baby and said, "Hug? Hug?" Finally they hugged each other. It was a beautiful and yet tragic moment all in one breath.

99.9% of orphans are never adopted. It seems unfair when I sit there holding our precious girls and I'm surrounded by boys and girls who would give anything to have a family love them. Tonight, a woman who works in the front office of the hotel asked me if I would adopt one of her nephes and nieces. THeir mom is dying of AIDS. I was in shock; yet also not. THis woman loves her nephews and nieces and she loves her sister. TO her it makes complete sense. I have adopted two already and I am a Christian, which, in her words as a Muslim, makes me have a good heart. I tried to explain it's not as easy as that. But, now I have a place I can direct her to to receive the help she needs.

In teh midst of all the tragedy, we decided that our family needed to have a down afternoon and we took the girls swimming. It was such a blast.

We leave for Kenya tomorrow morning, bright and early. We cannot wait.


Jessy said...

Jen-thank you for these touching updates. We look forward to hearing even more when you get back. We are praying for you guys.
love, Dan, Jessy, Emma, and Grace

Brandi said...

Yeah, that pretty much wrecked me too. Would you mind if I posted about it as well? I'd love to share Lian's sweet heart and how she touched all of us. . .

Thanks for everything,