Thursday, August 30, 2007

Flights are Booked!

It has been a whirlwind few days. I was speaking at a Korean Church Kids' camp this Monday-Wednesday when I got the call that we did not get the consulate date we requested. Fortunately, it is only a two day delay. Our trip is a bit complicated because my brother, Jonathan, and my friend, Suzanne, are going to travel to Beijing two days ahead of us so they can see the Great Wall, Tiannamen Square, Forbidden City, and Summer Palace. Then they will fly to Shanghai to meet us there and then we will all travel to Gaoyou to visit Lian's birth city. After many, many conversations on the phone with everyone, our flights have finally been booked. So our itinerary looks like:

Sep 11 - Jonathan and Suzanne arrive to Seattle
Sep 12 - Jonathan and Suzanne depart for Beijing
Sep 14 - The Jukanovich family departs for Shanghai
Sep 15 - Everyone meets in Shanghai
Sep 16 - Take the train to Nanjing / Meet tour guide to Gaoyou (It looks like the Vice-Mayor of Gaoyou, Mr. Ni Wencai, is going to host us for this portion of our trip)
Sep 18 - Return to Nanjing / Fly to Nanchang (capital of Jiangxi province)
Sep 19 - 29 (still waiting for final dates of when we will travel to Guangzhou, but our consulate date is Sep 27 and then we return to Seattle on Sep 29)

Tomorrow I leave for Virginia to run a half-marathon on behalf of Children's Hope Chest. While I am running for an orphan I met in 2003, I also feel that I am now running on behalf of my little girl. This race is one of endurance for me and this entire adoption process has been one of extreme endurance. We pray that our little girl will somehow know she is so wanted and loved already and that her family is just two weeks away from bringing her home. Please pray for our time in Gaoyou, especially for Lian as she meets her caregivers and sees where she lived the first year of her life. And then please pray for our new daughter, that amidst her mourning of her foster mother that she will feel very safe and loved with her forever family. Thank you.

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amy said...

Have a safe race!! I enjoy visiting your blog