Thursday, August 23, 2007

China - Here we Come

We received our Travel Approval today - this was at least a week if not two weeks earlier than we anticipated. What this means is that we are waiting now for our Consulate Appointment to be scheduled, but our agency is planning for us to leave on Wednesday, September 12. Needless to say we are ecstatic, but also slightly stressed as I am speaking at a kids camp for three days next week (Lian will be joining me) in Westport, WA. I'm home for one day to throw our neighborhood BBQ and then I leave for VA Beach to run the Run for One half-marathon on behalf of Children's Hope Chest. I return on Sep 3 and we leave 9 days later. Feels crazy, but I'm sure we'll be fine. :)

Our current plan is that we will not do the pre-adoption trip to Beijing with the rest of our adoption group. Instead we will travel to the city of Gaoyou in Jiangsu province (, which is where Lian was born. We are working to schedule a visit to her orphanage and to meet her caregivers. Your prayers for this time would be appreciated. We want to do this before we travel to Jiangxi to bring home her baby sister.

My brother, Jonathan, and my close friend from college, Suzanne Baker, will be traveling with us. We will have quite the entourage. They really want to visit Gaoyou, but they also want to see Beijing, so they will be traveling three days prior to our trip. Everyone will meet in Seattle and then they will head off on Sunday or Monday and we will leave on Wednesday.

After waiting for so long, we are so thankful that this part is going by so quickly. We just want to bring our baby girl home. Thank you for joining us on this journey.


amy said...

how exciting..will be praying for you!

Chairman Mom said...

Congratulations!! We'll be reading your blog and smiling right along with you!