Monday, July 6, 2009

Differences between our two girls

Traveling with our girls also highlights their differences - and oh how we love both of them! Tonight, we were driving home from Lian's camp in Fort Worth. We had just had some dinner. Definitely nearing bed time. Anna would not stop talking. Our entire road trip was like this - constant Anna chatter. We finally resorted to our "Quiet Game." You know, the one where you see who can be the most quiet. At the mention of this game, this is how the following ensued:

Daddy - "It's time for the Quiet Game."
Lian - "I LOVE that game!" (proceeds to be silent for the next ten minutes)
Anna - "No."
Anna - "Let's play game."
Anna - "What game, Daddy?"
Daddy - "The quiet game, Anna."
Anna - "Oh. What's that?"
Anna - "We play game."
Anna - "Mom, you be Bob. I be Cucumber (referring to Bob and Larry from Veggie Tales)"
Anna - "What, ma?" (I hadn't said anything)
Anna - "Momma - you be Bob. I be cucumber. Mom?"
Mommy - "Look, Anna, we are almost home. I can't be Bob."
Anna - "Home to Texas house?"
Mommy - "Yes, Anna."
Anna - "We aren't. You be Bob. I be cucumber."

and then we pulled in the driveway. So much for the quiet game :)


Suzanne said...

LOL:) Brings a HUGE smile to my face. Your girls are amazing!

Aunt Suzy

JAG said...

Agreed. This is hilarious. I can hear it and see it! As Jordan would say, "LOVE"!

sjukanovich said...

I love that they are so different like most siblings. It makes life very eventful! I finally caught up on your blog. Sounds like you are living the adventure just like we are! We love you all. Lian Mei, I love the picture of you in your ballet uniform. You are beautiful!


Auntie Shelley