Monday, November 10, 2008

We are moving to Rwanda.

Yes, that was not a typo. It is a long story of which we will share more over the coming months and it has all happened really fast (in five weeks). The short story is that Dano was offered a position as VP for Finance and Administration with Food for the Hungry/ProCom in Rwanda. He will be providing oversight to a water distribution business that received a contract from the Rwandan government and will provide water to 144,000 people. He will also be administrating and creating new business enterprises for Rwandans. This is why we took a detour to Rwanda for 18 hours on our recent trip to Africa. We need to be in Rwanda by January 30. We have made a three year commitment and will live in Kigali, Rwanda.

While we feel overwhelmed and in shock ourselves that this is happening, we also feel a tremendous sense of affirmation and peace that this is right for our family at this time. We'll write more soon.


amy said...

i will be praying. not that this is funny but there is another blog i am reading whose family is moving to rwanda. i need to find it..
will be praying

Ann Batlle said...

I am so excited for you and your family, and for all of the amazing things you're going to be able to see, do, learn and feel while you are there. Even though my memories are dim, my earliest memories are of living in a developing country with my family, and it's left such an imprint on me. Can't wait to "hear" more about it on your blog!

Cara said...

I have been following your blog for a few months and just now caught up on your posts. Wow! Africa! Good luck