Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Lian's First Day of Kindergarten

We can hardly believe that our beautiful little girl is now a kindergartner. It seems like just yesterday that we brought her home. I doubt that I am the only adoptive parent who feels slightly "jipped" in terms of the time we have at home with our children. Starting kindergarten has made me that much more aware that I didn't have her for her entire five years - only four, but they have been four wonderful, wonderful years and there are many more to come. A few friends had to remind me that she wasn't graduating high school, college or getting married - she was just starting kindergarten :) Yet, still...how did she grow up so fast?

It is a full-day program, but we started her half-day in order to ease her into the transition. By the third day, she really wanted to stay for the whole day. So we've done full day this Monday and Tuesday and while she is exhausted, she is so happy. She loves the playground, recess time, choice time (centers) and writing in her journal. She already has homework (very simple, but still it's homework) and has been great at getting that done each day.

Lian is also very blessed to have two of her good friends from church at her school - Emma and Bethany (see below).

Every night around the dinner table, we share our highs and lows of the day. Yesterday, Lian's high was that she got to hug her sister before she left for school. How precious is that? She also told me to remember that when I get lonely I just need to remember that I have an Anna. Don't worry, I told her, Anna will not let me forget. It has actually been wonderful with Anna. Even though she misses her "Jie Jie", she and I have had wonderful one on one time together.

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