Thursday, January 3, 2008

Some reflections on Lian

This blog was originally started to chronicle our journey towards Anna. I realized this weekend that I haven't said much about Lian. This week has been one in which I've marveled at the inner beauty of our nearly five year old. So I thought I would write some thoughts down.

Patient. Generous. Empathetic. Intuitive. Intelligent. Full of Wonder. These are just some of the words I could use to describe Lian. This year has been a tough one, to be honest. We've had to address a lot of issues related to her abandonment that manifested themselves in some tough behaviors. Thanks to the love of friends who challenged us to seek some help, to a wonderful attachment therapist, and many, many prayers, we are seeing true healing take place in our daughter.

Lian is our best helper. She is always wanting to help momma with cooking, cleaning, feeding Anna, planning our new home school and even stamping and labeling the many mailings I have done. And when she gets to help Daddy build our front porch stairs, dollhouse, or at his office, you should see the smile on her face.

Lian is reading voraciously now. It is amazing to see the world this is opening up to her. We think she has read every story in her children's Bible, she loves to read to her dolls and finds such joy in learning new things. Lian was like this as a baby, as well, which is ironic that Anna would rather be where the action is than curled up in a corner reading a book. We love them both.

The best part of our days is when Lian just comes up to us randomly (which seems to be every day lately)and says, "I just came over to give you a hug and a kiss." She always knows just when we need it. I keep thinking each year in her life is my favorite, but each year keeps getting better.
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Eickhaus said...

You blog looks great, and it was sure good to hear from you and get back in touch. Look for our Christmas letter soon(it's late - we had a bad address so your letter was returned to us)

David & Lori Eick
Colorado Springs

RoLo said...

She is a beautiful person inside and out, you are a wonderful family.

Joseph said...

Jennifer and Dano, it's so good to be able to catch up with you and what God is doing in your lives and your family. Thank you for your Christmas 'card' update which allowed me to find you guys again. We love Central Florida and are in awe of what God is doing at and through The Well. Hopefully we'll get a chance to catch up further, soon. Have an incredible New Year, and congrats on Anna.